Here’s a little non-poetic, personal stuff for ya.

6 months ago, 181 days precisely, I embarked on a new journey; the journey of sobriety. After years of punishing my body and bad decisions, it was time. The catalyst that created the realization is irrelevant, but it became apparent that I no longer had a grip on the whiskey… it had a grip on me. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made…. and though I do miss the taste of beer (especially this Bavarian beer), I do not miss being drunk, embarrassing my wife and kids, and waking up hungover.
So, here’s to 6 months…. and to another 6 coming up.

If you think you need help or that you may have a problem, you probably do. Get it. I had a sober buddy. If you don’t have one, check out an AA meeting. Help is out there.



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