Atrocities in the Name of Abstracts

In a contemporary world wrought with justification for human indignities in the name of abstractions, it is important that we remember where these actions have led us in the past… the not so distant past. Actions are still justified in the name of abstracts: religion, party, and country.

Socialism, communism, nationalism, protectionism….
Make America Great Again, sovereign nation, illegals, undesirables, deplorables, etc…. all terminology meant to strip people of their individuality, dignity, and humanity as a means to justify actions against them.

You’re not an XXX American, you’re just an American… until you aren’t.

The German Jews ceased to be German… they became the Jewish problem.

Over the course of 12 years Germany went from socially and culturally diverse to an abomination… anti-semetic based around the idea of a master race. 12 years of advancement in time unleashed a barbarity in the name of an abstract which reversed their humanity backwards by millennia.

This documentary was lost for 3 quarters of a century, shelved and forgotten due to a desire for european reunification following WWII.

I’ve watched many of Hitchcock’s films, but I would say this 1+ hour is the greatest and most powerful thing his name could be tied to.


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