A Quick Diatribe on Discrimination in a Military Context

Gay, transgender, male, female… understand that with a burning fire deep from within my gut, I don’t give a flying fuck how you identify or what your preference in salad dressing is. I have had one requirement in my 14 years as a Noncommissioned Officer: that you can do your fucking job. Nothing else matters. I’ve seen pussy boy grown men physically incapable of doing shit.

Discrimination is a good thing, as it allows people to separate the capable from incapable. However, discrimination, like everything else in the world, should be based on individuals, not groups. Stop pretending like the abstract accounts for the individual.

You either can, can’t, or have the potential to. It’s up to leaders to figure that out. Sometimes we’ll choose right… sometimes we’ll miss the mark. If a person can’t physically do the job, but they want to do the job… REALLY want to… they’ll figure it out and come back. Or they’ll find something else they’re capable of. But this idea that “Group X can’t because” is bullshit. It’s time to let it go and focus on “Person 1 can, but person 2 can’t.”



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