State of Domestic Affairs

I try to wrap my head around living in a world and serving in an Army where I’ve met some of the most amazing people… a gumbo of diversity and strength. White, non-white, Christian, Jew, Muslim, Jedi, Athiest, Agnostic, Hispanic, Mexican (the not legal sort…yeah, they serve, too) Asian, Puerto Rican, Gay, Straight, Bi, multi-spectrumed sexual attraction…. all amazing and beautiful people. Yet, somehow, it’s become acceptable to shut people out physically (Walls?) and due to some perceived notion of a threat to morale (Transgender Bans?)

I can’t and I don’t. We all have struggles. We’re all different. And militarily… we can all be trained.

So, no, I do not accept the current state of domestic affairs. I know too many amazing people, and as a subset ,some amazing soldiers, who don’t fit the “Judeo-Christian, alpha male mold” to feel any other way.



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