Liberalism- An Idea Never Fully Realized

Statists: Libertarianism will never work. It’s stateless. Why do you think it’s never been fully implemented?

Libertarian (Classically Liberal): Because this country was founded on liberal principles of individual freedom and breaking free of central economic planning, completing the evolution from serfdom to liberalism. Unfortunately, land owners and those in power wished to maintain the kingdom, but without the crown. They wished to install an American king, but liberals fought to maintain that the Presidency should be devoid of a royal style of power.

Again.. Unfortunately, in order to ensure and maintain the complete break from the crown in the beginning years, certain concessions were made to these anarchists and Federalists which kept certain central planning aspects in place. These concessions allowed further intervention to prevaid the American system, essentially driving us backwards.

Marxist theory entered the equation in the 18th century. Intellectuals battled over terminology. Marxists and progressive intellectuals overtook the word “liberal,” perverting it with collectivism and everything but individual freedom -save for the individual freedom to exist as any oppressed entity. This would be fine and great for social discussions, but the new brand of liberal requires government intervention on behalf of the oppressed, which oppresses one group in the best interest of another. What could go wrong? Democrats veered far off the Jeffersonian and Jacksonian paths, and here liberalism dies in the intellectual dark.

Republicans have fallen in line with an interventionist bastardization of freedom, calling it conservatism. It exists as a model of judeo-christian values, willing to oppress those who don’t fall in line, but it attempts to twist the founding of our nation based on the concessions it received and not in the original intent. So we’ve got collectivism versus collectivism, all willing to give increased power to their king while consolidating power as an attempt to keep the other collectivist ideology from gaining the power advantage. To further exacerbate the problem, the third arm of the state meant to check power does little more but to “confirm” the power. This internal self check mechanism is dependant on the politicization and consolidated power of the “in charge at the time” power. The king makes his choice as to who will sit on his court to check his power, all hinges on the hope that his collective maintains control of the legislature responsible for confirming his choice.

So, statists are correct. Liberalism, now known as libertarianism, has never been fully realized. Collectives maintain control on the economy and try to bend it to their chosen victors. The only difference is that individuals are busy and lack either the time or will to realize how these collectives further subjugate them to the state. And now you know why.

Marxism has won. The monarchists prevailed. Republicans fall in line with the Marxist, interventionist ideology from Das Kapital while Democrats are seeing a surge in desire to institute his ideology from The Communist Manifesto… But democratically. If not for the ineptitude of those few individuals grappling for power of the state to maintain it, things may be more bleak than the struggling collective think it is while they are out of majority power.

The More You Know. 🌠



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