Dropping Those Barrs

I made a few comments before going to bed following the drop of the Barr Summary of the Mueller Report, but mostly I wanted to let the ink dry and evaluate behavior following the event.  As I woke up this morning, I saw that collectivists and opponents did not fail to disappoint.  Like any other beat drop, different artists are putting their own spin on it. It’s a shame that a 4 page summary requires summation because some Trumpkins and certain Democrats want to put lies and give “alternative facts,” if you will.  The the words already there, yet they go ignored.
So, like any good law movie would do, let’s look at “brass tacks” what they reveal:

1. On the accusation of Collusion/Coordinating with a foreign state:
No evidence was found.

2. On the Accusation of Obstruction of Justice:
Insufficient evidence exists supporting merit of being charged or exonerated.

Policing and investigating should be objective, not subjective. That’s what we’ve got here:  2 years of over 20,000 people employed to look through information in order to find evidence of either point.

Does that mean it was a “witch-hunt?” No. It did give left and right leaning institutions plenty to gossip about, though. Ratings were grand on both sides. The facts and events revealed show that there was reasonable suspicion and probable cause to warrant the investigation.

Fact: Trump openly solicited Russian interference/ hacking of Clinton emails (or the FBI at that point, because I’m sure they had the emails) during the campaign. That is reasonable suspicion… and definitely not smart behavior.

There are more examples, but instead of rehashing easily searchable additional examples, I’m prone to believing that there are enough people who hate the man that had concrete evidence existed and been found by any number of the 20k forensic specialists combing through this madness, it would have come out.

The investigation also revealed that two efforts from the Russian state; (1)hackers and military officers from the Russian government, and (2) the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA); did willfully and purposefully conduct activity in terms of influencing the voting public.

So, things happened, but there was no coordinated effort from the campaign to do these things. You invite people in to closely examine your actions when you do stupid shizzle like openly call for a hostile government to hack your opponent. So, maybe let’s not do that in Campaign Season 2020, and maybe we can talk about how bad the statist policies are from these political parties instead of the distractions that draw news ratings and media revenue.



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