Flood Update: 8/22/2016

Today has been an unbelievable and busy day.  I loaded a 17 foot Penske truck full of donations for my family and the St. Amant/ Ascension Parish Community.  I have enough donations sitting in my garage, and continuing to come in, to fill another trailer.  I've already started making plans to return to Louisiana during … Continue reading Flood Update: 8/22/2016


Flood Update: 8/21/16

I'm not sure where I am on pictures, but I'll post a few a little later. Here is where we sit right now.  My sister sent me some shots of Mom and Pops's house.  Their entire lives is currently sitting out in the front yard.  The pictures, I feel, do not do it justice.  I'm … Continue reading Flood Update: 8/21/16