I No Longer Mattered [Raw]

This isn't my best work. It definitely requires refinement. However, on occasion, the pen starts moving and the raw emotion pours forth. I don't think I've opened the spigot yet, not at full capacity, but you oftentimes have to let the rust and shit spew before the water comes out clean. I'm no world-renowned poet, … Continue reading I No Longer Mattered [Raw]


Am I An Alcoholic?

Let me start by answering the questions... I have no fucking clue.  That's not really an answer, but that's where I'm at with it. 365 days ago I woke up on what was my bedroom floor, still in my vomit stained Dress Blues.  I picked myself up, pulled my clothes off, and got in the … Continue reading Am I An Alcoholic?

A Quick Diatribe on Discrimination in a Military Context

Gay, transgender, male, female... understand that with a burning fire deep from within my gut, I don't give a flying fuck how you identify or what your preference in salad dressing is. I have had one requirement in my 14 years as a Noncommissioned Officer: that you can do your fucking job. Nothing else matters. … Continue reading A Quick Diatribe on Discrimination in a Military Context

Atrocities in the Name of Abstracts

In a contemporary world wrought with justification for human indignities in the name of abstractions, it is important that we remember where these actions have led us in the past... the not so distant past. Actions are still justified in the name of abstracts: religion, party, and country. Socialism, communism, nationalism, protectionism.... Make America Great … Continue reading Atrocities in the Name of Abstracts

American as Apple Pie

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."----We held certain truths to be self-evidentUntil they became inconvenient.All men were created equal-save for our women, slaves, and endentured servants.They … Continue reading American as Apple Pie