Sadness for El Paso

I'm saddened to see the politicization of tragedy is already amongst us. Cognitive dissonance reigns supreme on both sides. I fell in love with a city in the desert. El Paso is where I plan to make my home. Watching this tragedy unfold through the news hurts the heart. Seeing the narratives overtake cuts deeper … Continue reading Sadness for El Paso


Liberalism- An Idea Never Fully Realized

Statists: Libertarianism will never work. It's stateless. Why do you think it's never been fully implemented? Libertarian (Classically Liberal): Because this country was founded on liberal principles of individual freedom and breaking free of central economic planning, completing the evolution from serfdom to liberalism. Unfortunately, land owners and those in power wished to maintain the … Continue reading Liberalism- An Idea Never Fully Realized

America- An Incoherent History (A Short Play, of sorts)

Grandpa Franklin: We've got this liberal idea of individual freedom. We should rock this shit. Grandpa Washington: Let's cross the Delaware during Christmas in nothing but wool coats to show the king and his cronies just how done we are. Fast forward: We've got this new liberal idea of collectivism and the government running everything. … Continue reading America- An Incoherent History (A Short Play, of sorts)